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Basic security gate

Security Gates Guys mainly deals in this type of security gates due to their affordability. They are affordable and easy to install.we bring them to a client’s premises fences when partially pre-assembled, in panels. Security Gates Guys will always provide installation services but one can always be able to install them easily. Security and safety -wise your basic security gate structures provide a low level of security that might be exactly what you need. However most are easily exploited, easily broken or dismantled to allow direct access to your home and property. Even a padlocked basic security gate offers little resistance to a burglar or other intruder.


Iron and Steel security gates

Security Gates Guys also deals in security gates made of iron and steel. When gates are made from iron or steel you eliminate a few weaknesses which come with wooden security gates.Steel and iron take a beating and are largely impervious to breakage. And they are a bit more challenging to scale. Steel and iron gates are also much more formidable. Metal fence and gates come in a large range of styles. Popular systems are galvanized and dipped in decorative weather-resistant paint. The ease with which they may be scaled depends on the fence height, design, construction material and surface finish. Add electricity to a metal fence and gate and you add on a much higher level of resistance to intruders. Security Gates Guys also offers these gates in either manual or automatic forms, this will depend on a customer’s preference.


Automated Gates

Most of Security Gates Guys customers are going for automated gates since one doesn’t have to keep going to open for someone. These gates are electrically or wirelessly opened and closed from somewhere within the home. Two-way voice and video intercoms are also installed make it feasible to answer the gate from a base station within your home and also know who is coming into your home.

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The cost of installation any type of security gate costs quite some money. The size of your property and the level of security sophistication you demand will all figure into the final cost. security gates and fences could provide the first level of perimeter security you need to discourage potential intruders.

Security Gates Guys designs security gates to be used to keep intruders from entering a property, and there are various types available. Most modern properties with driveway gates feature automatic security gates, allowing the homeowner to stay in the car while opening the fence with a remote control. Though automatic gates are often considered convenient, they are typically more expensive than most other types of security fencing that requires homeowners to get out of their car, unlock the padlock, and push the gate open before entering.

Home and property owners interested in residential security gates have a choice between single and double driveway gates. Single gates are usually best for the average driveway, while double gates are usually better for large properties that are far away from other homes, as well as areas with high traffic. Thus, single gates are usually ideal for homes in the city, while both houses in the countryside and apartment complexes are more likely to need double gates. Both space and budgeting are usually involved in making the choice between single and double security fences.

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